What’s Up With Me

Waking up at 4am.

You have to question yourself when you wake up at 4:30am ready to get up and go when you have no morning-clock-in time.   This early morning rise and shine has been the a frequent occurrence now since 2012.  My family use to freak out if I was ever up before 9am.  I remember the first time I called my Dad to “chat” around 7:30 in the morning and he freaked out thinking something was wrong.  I attribute not being a “morning person” to being in your twenties, living a party life style and a bartender, at least for me.  My Dad has always expressed how important and beautiful mornings are, and it is a proven fact that your brain functions better in the morning hours, but it wouldn’t be until turning 30 that I would ever realize that for myself.  When Jamie and I started the photography business is when I had to “grow up” and start my mornings far earlier, I quickly learned to love it. The sunset is great, but a good sunrise after a good night’s sleep has become one of my favorite parts of many of my days these days.  I still like to nap when the opportunity presents itself, so I’m not that “grown up” I guess. I still bartend sometimes too, so its inevitable, a nap can be a necessary thing some days too.  Most mornings I like to hit the ground running, even if its to just hop out of bed and get on my computer to write.  When my eyes open my thoughts start immediately with ideas, things I want to create, to do, to say and to share.  This morning I want to share with you what I’ve been up to for the past few months and all the exciting things I have coming up too.

Kelby and I tied the knot on April 6th…more pics of the wedding to come…

We followed that up with a 9 day honeymoon to Belize.  The entire experience was incredible.

I plan to blog about all of that amazingness later.

One thing that has been on the cusp of happening for a while now was a little work-life change.  I’ve been assisting at the studio since the pub closed and also working a few bar shifts at the music venue close to home.  Both very part time and it definitely freed up some time for me to finally learn my camera.  Yes, I’ve been involved with photography for years, but I’ve never been a shooter until recently after a long talk with my best friend who is a successful portrait and wedding photographer.  During our conversation I was itching to do something I’m passionate about, anything creative, I was so bored and very lost feeling, I was without direction.  I’ve always been a creative person, and that is what truly fuels my fire, but I wasn’t creating anything at the time.  I found myself with a lot of free time over the winter, and winter is depressing enough, I was in a funk.  The studio nor the bar was busy for the holidays, the nature of both industries, so I finally picked up my camera.  Something Jamie, my sister and head photographer at The Adore Girls and Steph, Shines Photography, have encouraged me to do for a long time now.  I didn’t know how I would feel when I started to learn the camera, but what I did know is that it’s always been something I could “see” myself doing, I have great teachers at my disposal, I know more about photography than most beginners, and its creative so why not give it a shot.  I’m so glad I did, it came quite naturally actually.  Now it’s May 1st, I’ve made a couple of sales in portraiture, I’ve purchased a brand new camera, and  the future is looking brighter and brighter every day…through the lens.

I had to pump the breaks a little right after I started shooting.  I had the wedding and honeymoon to focus on.  I knew when I got back from my honeymoon I would have to make a change with my bar schedule, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to make that happen.  After all, money is money, and we all need at least a little to live.  Enter back into my life, The Adore Girls.  I had gone back to the studio in July of 2016, but only to assist shoots and mostly on Mondays and Saturdays.  Going back felt like second nature, but Jamie and I also had to tread lightly around my return, we are sisters, and after 60 hour work weeks together from 2012 to 2015 we almost ruined our sisterly love for each other, so returning had the potential of being tricky.  This time around though we have a much better grasp on my strengths and weaknesses and where Jamie can use my strengths the most.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

When I got back from Belize Jamie and I had a long talk about my future.  She offered me more work for the studio, marketing.  I love marketing.  I didn’t know marketing or understand anything about it until Jamie and I started the business back in 2012.   It was one aspect that I really loved, its creative.

When I left the studio the first time I went back to the bar and took my passion for marketing with me. Though I didn’t know at first that I would be using what I had learned at the studio, at the bar.  I even loved marketing beer, which I don’t love and cheeseburgers, that oh I do.  HA!  Unfortunately, and as the universe would have it the pub closed, not because I am terrible at marketing, lol, but the property was purchased by Vanderbilt University and thus it was time to lock up the old doors to that location.  I stayed on with the company for as long as I could, but shortly after relocating to a new location I realized that it wasn’t where I was meant to be anymore.  Square one again.  It left me feeling lost, but also led me to where I am today.  I’ll spare you all the details of working in the new bar where I’ve been just slinging drinks and playing no other role, but let’s just say, I’m a good bartender, but I like the business side too, and they have that under control…

Moving Forward.

Moving forward I can now help Jamie with marketing for the studio and still get to travel, ummmm dream job!  This will also allow me time to get my own photography off the ground.  I have one more long trip with Steph out west coming up and a few short ones over the summer, but I couldn’t be happier to make changes back to what I love.  I’m hoping to throw in a bar shift or two in the mix when it’s possible, but for now, I’m happily accepting living on a tighter budget for the freedoms that will come with both of my “new” jobs.

Meet The Adore Girls. 

Many of you are aware of The Adore Girls and have followed much of the journey of creating this studio with my very own big sister leading the way.  But for those of you that don’t here’s the link to the website and what our women’s photography is all about.  The Adore Girls.  We are in the business of making women look like Victoria’s Secret models. 😉  Ladies, if you’ve ever considering having a boudoir give us a shout or you can fill out our contact form here.

blogblog 2

I’ll be blogging away over on The Adore Girls Blog so if you want to follow me over there you can find me here.

Lucid Linds Photography and Creative Studio.

As far as my own photography goes, I’ll be shooting everything I can point my camera at except boudoir, that stays in the studio via The Adore Girls.  So far I’ve snapped a few kiddos, high school seniors, realtor head shots, a few pets, some cool wildlife (aka a freaking crocodile in the wild), a small wedding and some of Kelby and the band.  I’ve even been published already in an article on Whiskeyriff.com *cough cough* It helps who you know, or may be married to.

I’m working on getting my website up, but for now you can follow my work on Instagram at:   @Lucidlinds


My Facebook business page: Lucid Linds Photography and Creative.

When I get back from my trip I’m going to run a friends and family special so keep an eye out for that if you are looking for a photog. 😉

You can also email me at:  Lucidlindsstudio@gmail.com for booking rates.

Here is a slew of my favorite shots so far:



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With so much creativity pumping,




I Will Watch This 1 Million More Times

Our honeymoon trip to Belize was one for the books and the best chapter in our “book” thus far for sure.  Kelby and I had cameras and go pros going for a lot of our trip.  Here’s our honeymoon video that I will likely watch 1 million more times myself.  I plan to blog and post more pictures about all the things we did and witnessed in future blogs, but I’m still trying to process the awesomeness of it all! Thanks to all of our friends and family for contributing to this trip of a lifetime, we love you guys and are so very very very thankful.  More blog stories and pics to come, but for now here is our honeymoon in one awesome nutshell…


With Love and Gratitude beyond on wildest dreams,

Lindsey & Kelby