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The new studio was bright, airy, downtown Nashville, and beautiful.1891086_10203210409806131_791232561_n












What’s Up With Me

Waking up at 4am.

You have to question yourself when you wake up at 4:30am ready to get up and go when you have no morning-clock-in time.   This early morning rise and shine has been the a frequent occurrence now since 2012.  My family use to freak out if I was ever up before 9am.  I remember the first time I called my Dad to “chat” around 7:30 in the morning and he freaked out thinking something was wrong.  I attribute not being a “morning person” to being in your twenties, living a party life style and a bartender, at least for me.  My Dad has always expressed how important and beautiful mornings are, and it is a proven fact that your brain functions better in the morning hours, but it wouldn’t be until turning 30 that I would ever realize that for myself.  When Jamie and I started the photography business is when I had to “grow up” and start my mornings far earlier, I quickly learned to love it. The sunset is great, but a good sunrise after a good night’s sleep has become one of my favorite parts of many of my days these days.  I still like to nap when the opportunity presents itself, so I’m not that “grown up” I guess. I still bartend sometimes too, so its inevitable, a nap can be a necessary thing some days too.  Most mornings I like to hit the ground running, even if its to just hop out of bed and get on my computer to write.  When my eyes open my thoughts start immediately with ideas, things I want to create, to do, to say and to share.  This morning I want to share with you what I’ve been up to for the past few months and all the exciting things I have coming up too.

Kelby and I tied the knot on April 6th…more pics of the wedding to come…

We followed that up with a 9 day honeymoon to Belize.  The entire experience was incredible.

I plan to blog about all of that amazingness later.

One thing that has been on the cusp of happening for a while now was a little work-life change.  I’ve been assisting at the studio since the pub closed and also working a few bar shifts at the music venue close to home.  Both very part time and it definitely freed up some time for me to finally learn my camera.  Yes, I’ve been involved with photography for years, but I’ve never been a shooter until recently after a long talk with my best friend who is a successful portrait and wedding photographer.  During our conversation I was itching to do something I’m passionate about, anything creative, I was so bored and very lost feeling, I was without direction.  I’ve always been a creative person, and that is what truly fuels my fire, but I wasn’t creating anything at the time.  I found myself with a lot of free time over the winter, and winter is depressing enough, I was in a funk.  The studio nor the bar was busy for the holidays, the nature of both industries, so I finally picked up my camera.  Something Jamie, my sister and head photographer at The Adore Girls and Steph, Shines Photography, have encouraged me to do for a long time now.  I didn’t know how I would feel when I started to learn the camera, but what I did know is that it’s always been something I could “see” myself doing, I have great teachers at my disposal, I know more about photography than most beginners, and its creative so why not give it a shot.  I’m so glad I did, it came quite naturally actually.  Now it’s May 1st, I’ve made a couple of sales in portraiture, I’ve purchased a brand new camera, and  the future is looking brighter and brighter every day…through the lens.

I had to pump the breaks a little right after I started shooting.  I had the wedding and honeymoon to focus on.  I knew when I got back from my honeymoon I would have to make a change with my bar schedule, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to make that happen.  After all, money is money, and we all need at least a little to live.  Enter back into my life, The Adore Girls.  I had gone back to the studio in July of 2016, but only to assist shoots and mostly on Mondays and Saturdays.  Going back felt like second nature, but Jamie and I also had to tread lightly around my return, we are sisters, and after 60 hour work weeks together from 2012 to 2015 we almost ruined our sisterly love for each other, so returning had the potential of being tricky.  This time around though we have a much better grasp on my strengths and weaknesses and where Jamie can use my strengths the most.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

When I got back from Belize Jamie and I had a long talk about my future.  She offered me more work for the studio, marketing.  I love marketing.  I didn’t know marketing or understand anything about it until Jamie and I started the business back in 2012.   It was one aspect that I really loved, its creative.

When I left the studio the first time I went back to the bar and took my passion for marketing with me. Though I didn’t know at first that I would be using what I had learned at the studio, at the bar.  I even loved marketing beer, which I don’t love and cheeseburgers, that oh I do.  HA!  Unfortunately, and as the universe would have it the pub closed, not because I am terrible at marketing, lol, but the property was purchased by Vanderbilt University and thus it was time to lock up the old doors to that location.  I stayed on with the company for as long as I could, but shortly after relocating to a new location I realized that it wasn’t where I was meant to be anymore.  Square one again.  It left me feeling lost, but also led me to where I am today.  I’ll spare you all the details of working in the new bar where I’ve been just slinging drinks and playing no other role, but let’s just say, I’m a good bartender, but I like the business side too, and they have that under control…

Moving Forward.

Moving forward I can now help Jamie with marketing for the studio and still get to travel, ummmm dream job!  This will also allow me time to get my own photography off the ground.  I have one more long trip with Steph out west coming up and a few short ones over the summer, but I couldn’t be happier to make changes back to what I love.  I’m hoping to throw in a bar shift or two in the mix when it’s possible, but for now, I’m happily accepting living on a tighter budget for the freedoms that will come with both of my “new” jobs.

Meet The Adore Girls. 

Many of you are aware of The Adore Girls and have followed much of the journey of creating this studio with my very own big sister leading the way.  But for those of you that don’t here’s the link to the website and what our women’s photography is all about.  The Adore Girls.  We are in the business of making women look like Victoria’s Secret models. 😉  Ladies, if you’ve ever considering having a boudoir give us a shout or you can fill out our contact form here.

blogblog 2

I’ll be blogging away over on The Adore Girls Blog so if you want to follow me over there you can find me here.

Lucid Linds Photography and Creative Studio.

As far as my own photography goes, I’ll be shooting everything I can point my camera at except boudoir, that stays in the studio via The Adore Girls.  So far I’ve snapped a few kiddos, high school seniors, realtor head shots, a few pets, some cool wildlife (aka a freaking crocodile in the wild), a small wedding and some of Kelby and the band.  I’ve even been published already in an article on Whiskeyriff.com *cough cough* It helps who you know, or may be married to.

I’m working on getting my website up, but for now you can follow my work on Instagram at:   @Lucidlinds


My Facebook business page: Lucid Linds Photography and Creative.

When I get back from my trip I’m going to run a friends and family special so keep an eye out for that if you are looking for a photog. 😉

You can also email me at:  Lucidlindsstudio@gmail.com for booking rates.

Here is a slew of my favorite shots so far:



IMG_3580 copyIMG_3692-2IMG_0226 copyIMG_3185x copyIMG_0220IMG_3105 copyIMG_3441IMG_4560 copyIMG_3237 copyIMG_4634 copyIMG_3723 copyIMG_4843 copyIMG_4654 copyIMG_0073 copyfullIMG_0290IMG_3480A1IMG_3532IMG_4712 copyIMG_3823 copyIMG_3361IMG_2549 copyIMG_2733IMG_2348IMG_4406IMG_2323IMG_4114IMG_2439IMG_4450IMG_2252IMG_2319IMG_2460IMG_2433 2IMG_4394

With so much creativity pumping,



I Will Watch This 1 Million More Times

Our honeymoon trip to Belize was one for the books and the best chapter in our “book” thus far for sure.  Kelby and I had cameras and go pros going for a lot of our trip.  Here’s our honeymoon video that I will likely watch 1 million more times myself.  I plan to blog and post more pictures about all the things we did and witnessed in future blogs, but I’m still trying to process the awesomeness of it all! Thanks to all of our friends and family for contributing to this trip of a lifetime, we love you guys and are so very very very thankful.  More blog stories and pics to come, but for now here is our honeymoon in one awesome nutshell…


With Love and Gratitude beyond on wildest dreams,

Lindsey & Kelby

Full Circle & Ready To Say “I Do.”

The building I live in, the friends I’ve made, the roommates I’ve had, and this city we call home…its all led up to this:

What feels like yesterday at times, but also eons ago, I moved into this building that I have now lived in since 2005.  I moved to Nashville in 2004, I was in my early twenties trying to find where my forever home would be, I knew from an early age that the small town in Indiana I grew up in wasn’t where I was meant to be.  From high school I moved to Cincinnati, OH then with some friends to Florida, then followed my sister here to Nashville.  My initial and uneducated opinion of Nashville at the time was that it was all cowboy boots and wrangler jeans and it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I was also a broke 23 year old, I traded my couch for a car and needed a roof over my head, so it had to be Nashville for awhile because I needed to find myself (something that seemed to be an endless endeavor almost my entire twenties). When I found my loft in the classifieds I had been living right outside Nashville with Jamie and her young family for a year, but working downtown.  I was just 24 and this part of town where I would find my place was still affordable.  It was in a part of town that was far less desirable at the time.  I remember the day I came to look at this space, it was a dream come true (for me), a big open space, nowhere near cookie cutter and cute.  A little rough around the edges, but just what I always wanted.  Old hardwood floors I couldn’t mess up, walls to paint and hold the art I had collected and kept in my mother’s basement for years, huge warehouse windows, weird neighbors, lots of creative space and smack dab downtown among tall buildings.  This was literally the space I had always envisioned myself in.  My brother-in-law and sister were a little less excited about this.  Billy knew the area and was quite concerned.  Back then there were no high rise condos, the Gulch had zilch in it, walking after dark on the street was a terrible idea, and I could throw a rock and hit a drug deal or a strip club.  Hell, within the first month I lived here I walked out to my car my car taped off in “crime scene tape” after someone was tasered to death, (I may have questioned my decision slightly after that happened), but none the less I was on cloud nine to be living in this loft.  I lived with a girl that I didn’t know very well, but worked with, I needed a roommate, 8 months of that hell (whole other story) she moved out and I recruited another roommate…

Meet Manny.  I didn’t know him well, he lived downstairs in another space in this old warehouse building we called home.  What I did know was that he was a nice enough guy and a musician who was gone a lot.  I asked him to move in, he would save a little on rent, add square footage to his living space and have a chick to manage the toilet paper roll.  I was simply desperate to find a roommate so I didn’t have to move out of my dream space.  He took a day to think about it and decided to make the move up the steps from 205 to 303.  Little did we know that we would be roommates for over 5 years, throw some rad parties, become dear friends, adopt a dog, and that he would eventually introduce me to my future husband.  Lucky for me.  Having a male roommate was the best, they don’t care how you decorate, they don’t steal your shoes, your laundry doesn’t get mixed up, and they don’t borrow your mascara, I’d take flipping the toilet seat down any day over living with a girl in her twenties ever again.  Somewhere in there Manny introduced me to Kelby.  We don’t know when exactly we became friends, but we do know that there were many nights Kelby and Manny went out for a drink or ten and Kelby would crash at a our place, a place that would eventually be his home and that sofa he passed out on would eventually be the one he and his future wife would watch movies on.  Life back then was just a party.   I was a bartender, Kelby and Manny musicians.  We all kept the lights on at The Red Door Saloon in Midtown.  I always liked Kelby, I thought he was a cool dude, but I never thought to myself, “I wish I could catch that guy’s attention”.  To hear Kelby put it, he thought,”oh there’s Manny’s hot roommate” but that was it, he will also tell you that he couldn’t date “26 year old Lindsey”, ha!  No one could…I was perpetually single back then, unruly and slightly wild.

Fast forward a few more years, Manny was moving out, I was 30, life was a whirlwind, my best friend had cancer, Jamie and I had decided to start a business together, and Kelby was moving into the apartment next door.  The business Jamie and I had started would afford me to finally not have a roommate in my loft as one half (or basically the whole thing) would become our photography studio.  Kelby and I would become closer too.  Kelby was a touring more and needed someone to water his plants and take care of his cat, so we started talking almost daily.  We all ran in the same circles of friends over the years, so Kelby and I knew each other very well by this point.  Soon I started receiving gifts from his travels and we just became closer and closer. Finally one night we went to see a friend’s show, afterwards we decided to have post show drink next door at his place.  We had a beer or two and talked about how single we were, how hard dating was, and how we felt like we would be single forever, maybe deep down one or both of us knew what we were doing, but when I think back on it I feel like I was sincere when I told him, “You will meet someone.  She will be great and everything you are looking for…”, and I didn’t say it thinking that person would be me or that I was telling my future husband to just hang in there.  HA!  That night he kissed me.  I was a little caught off guard and immediately we laughed, I said, “I gotta go”, I grabbed my things and walked back to my place one door over.  The next day after Jamie and I completed our shoot, Kelby stopped by,  he walked in, smacked me on the knee, and with a wink told me, “last night was fun”, I assured him light heartedly that “it wouldn’t happen again”.  A few days later he convinced me that we should have dinner, he would come to my place, cook us something and watch a movie.  OH GOD A DATE...I was a nervous wreck.  We were friends and neighbors, we were playing with fire.

For 8 months after that first date Kelby managed to keep his tooth brush at his place, but he spent his time off the road with me in 303.  It was a very busy time for us both.  His band was taking off and the photography business Jamie and I were living and breathing had grown some wings too.  Jamie and I were ready to move the business out of this old loft and into a real studio, and I was ready to ask Kelby to move in.  He came home from the road and I told him we needed to talk.  I wanted to puke because this was a such a big thing.  He wanted to puke because he thought I was breaking up with him by my tone when I told him we needed to “talk”.  HA!  I fed him spaghetti, still one of the 2 things I can actually cook, and I popped the question. He laughed and said “sure, makes sense to me, we’ve basically been living together anyways”.  Whewwww, that went well, ok let’s do this.  Shortly after that he rolled his stuff down the hall.  Easiest move ever.

The next few years we went through all the trials and tribulations of the our businesses, however none of it impacting our relationship.  We were busy, but happy and both in full support of the other with whatever dreams we were chasing.  All the while traveling and spending as much time as would could with each other in our busy lives.

By this point I knew that if he were to ask me to marry him I would say yes, I may had mentioned it once after a 2nd glass of wine, but that was it.  I’ve never been the girl desperate for a ring on my finger.  I honestly thought we would buy a house before we would get married.  Little did I know that in August of 2015 he had had a dream, and when he woke up, he knew he would ask me to marry him.  To hear him put it, he knew that this was real and the easiest thing he had ever been a part of, he was ready.  I had no idea he had a ring, it is a family heirloom that belonged to his great grandmother, his mother and now me. He asked my father for his blessing in a deer stand in November of 2015 (because we are, in all realness, country like that) and what a brave move on his part…my dad…guns…the solitude of the wilderness… true bravery. HA!  We had a trip planned for Australia in March of 2016 and that would be where he would ask me to marry him.  For seven months he kept this from me, for 4 months my stepmother and father had to keep it a secret, and for a 14 hour plane ride with that ring in his pocket, he had time to think about this, and I as clueless as ever..  (For the whole engagement story and video see my The Moment it Happened blog.)  I said YES.  And as luck would have it, Manny was there too, (there was a country music festival, Manny plays with Kip Moore, so basically Nashville was in Queensland, AUS.)

I had the perfect shirt for the trip

Now here we are, exactly one week away from tying the knot on April 6th 2017.  Manny will be the one to officiate our marriage, after all we give him all the credit for introducing us and he is such an important friend to us both.  Tonight the three of us will get together to go over our vows.

And as I sit and write this and reflect on how we got to where we are now it all seems full circle, like the universe had something to do with all of it.  The things I have been able to do, the people I have met in this great city, the friendships I have made, this building I have called home for so long, its all connected somehow and it blows my mind when I really sit and think about how I got here.  I get to officially call Kelby my husband soon. This relationship has quite literally been the easiest thing I’ve ever been a part of.  I guess how you know is when you find someone you can be yourself with, who treats you with the utmost respect and you treat them the same, who loves you regardless of your weird quirks and even stranger ideas, who after years still opens your doors, who tells you goodnight every night and good morning every morning even when they are thousands of miles away, who you trust and they trust you, who you know you can depend on for help or support, who you never hesitate to share your feelings with, who you feel like you can tell anything to, who you never doubt for a second if they love you or you them…when no more questions are asked…that is how you know…this is how we know…we are ready to say “I do”.

With Love and Excitement,


P.S.  On our wedding day we will be holding a small backyard ceremony with just our families, with the exception of 3 dear friends who will be “working” for us.  Manny to officiate.  Steph to photograph.  Court for video.  It’s good to have talented besties.  Ha!



We do have a honeyfund.com set up if anyone wishes to buy Kelby a Busch Light or donate for the school kids of Belize where will be taking our honeymoon.  In researching for our trip we found that they suggest bringing art/school supplies for the kids.  I loved this idea and we may have one suitcase full of supplies thanks to everyones generosity.  Many friends asked us where we were registered for wedding gifts.  Last minute we threw this hilarious list together.  We honestly feel like we have everything we need to start our lives together.  You can click here if you so wish to give, but just a blessing or well wish is most encouraged and appreciated.

Here’s To Never Really “Growing Up”


My best friend turns 30 today.

Meet Stephanie. 17098646_644899472378728_1038129901294048006_n The saying, “to know her is to love her” is something that rings true, like really true, for this one. She is the most loyal and caring friend a person can have, she chooses wisely who she lets in close to her colorful world and I am lucky enough to say we are best friends.  Let me digress a moment.

I met Stephanie, I believe around 7 years ago, it’s all a little blurry.  I had a lot happening then, I had just changed jobs after working at 3rd and Lindsley for 5+ years, shortly after that my best friend Brandi became very ill with what we would find out to be Cancer. Somewhere in there, my sister and I had also decided to open a photography business, again, it’s blurry.  I needed a friend, though I didn’t know it.   I was also still a party girl, living the bartender life, working to play and playing to work, here in Nashville, trying to “find myself” and juggle what life was handing me. You could say I was a late bloomer, I was almost 30 still in search of me, feeling lost, dealing with a lot, but I’d never let on to very many of the struggles I was dealing with.  Steph, 5 years younger, but somehow more mature, has never really been “the party girl” and was dealing with a few life things herself.  She tells me I was her rock back then, and that I showed her how to exude confidence and stand up for herself.  It helps to hear that, because when I look back at that time, though I was slowly, but surely coming into my own, for lack of better words, I would say I was somewhat of a hot mess.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, Steph would be the one who would show me how to have fun without a drink in hand, not to say we haven’t had too much to drink once or twice, but our friendship has never been based on it.  Our friendship has ended up being more about creativity, travel and our journey’s.  I can say it now because I know, but then I had no clue I had met my friend soulmate.  Back then Steph was feverishly chasing her dreams, but hitting all the bumps in the road that most of us experience our entire 20’s, but because Steph is smart and passionate and truly a unique individual she never lost sight of what she was after in this life.  Our friendship developed in a time that we both needed each other, though again, I don’t think we really knew it, it just happened. Something greater must have been in control to bring us together.  We have so much in common from our social anxiety and lack of giant groups of friends, especially girl-friends (we talk about shoes, but it’s brief) to our love for travel and our need for genuine creative outlets and of course, for those that know us, our love for Halloween.   Photography has played a huge role in our relationship, serving as a creative outlet for us both (and what would end up work for us both too), we have documented the majority of our friendship.  Steph moved west a couple of years after we became friends, but that hasn’t kept us apart.  We spend many of our evenings drinking wine and talking on the phone or face timing the giant spiders we find in our house, or like the “adults” we have become showing each other our wedding dresses because we couldn’t be together to do it.  And we see each other as often as we can living on opposite sides of the country.  Here’s a montage, our friendship in a nutshell:

When this pic was taken we had no idea all the stories we would eventually have to tell

One of the many “photo shoots”

On this road trip we came across this sign, confusing…but appropriate for our zombie loving selves.

Steph’s Mom got us owl hats for our trip

We took a road trip down the PCH with no itinerary.  One of my favorite trips ever.


Only Steph will get this

We were so cool it hurt back then

My first trip with Steph after she moved west.  On this day we paddle boarded in a harbor in San Mateo, Ca.  Wild spotted seals popped their heads up around us.  #rad

Steph loves her “jumping” pics.  #AirborninSanFran

Lake Tahoe

Morro Bay #aradvideowaspartiallytapedhere


From our first Halloween photoshoot

No big deal, just tossin’ a zombie baby around

I had this one turned into a painting

WBFF:  Weirdo Best Friends Forever

Steph and Kelby both travel for a living…this is a time they were on the same flight unplanned

The most colorful person I know

One spider we face timed about…*heart attack*

The painting

See above pic.  I had this one turned into a painting too.  It hangs on with my creepy collection

Most recent trip to Truckee to visit Steph.  She showed Kelby and I the ropes with snowshoeing.  #somuchfun

Die hard packers fan

She is the brilliant one behind Kelby and I’s awesome engagement pics



Remember that song Thrift Shop?  Yeah we made our own music video.  (Link below)
There are a thousand more pics, but I hope you know…



We may not own a “friend selfie” of us that falls under the category of normal,  but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You are the best friend a person could ask for.    We have had so much fun together over the years and I can’t wait for more adventures.  Our bachelorette road trip will be one for the books.  You may be 2,174 miles away (to be exact) but I know you are always just a phone call away.   I’m proud of the person you are and have become.  You care deeply and sincerely, and that is a rare find in people.  Your colorful ways and outlook on happiness is one I hope to always share in.  Here’s to many more photos, life experiences, travel, and the year we both get married (WHAT!?!…yeah that is happening).  But most of all here’s to you turning 30!  Welcome to it.   I have always told you your 30’s will be awesome, and I promise to to be here when there may be a hiccup in awesomeness along the way.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  I’ll see you in 1 month from today and then one month from that I will see you again!  2017 will be the best yet!



Love ya,





The Best Video Ever Made (that features us). 





Help! Our Engagement Pics

Stephanie Hines of Shines Photography did it again!  We recently visited Steph in Truckee, CA where she lives, for a little trip before both Kelby and Steph hit the road again in 2017.  While we were there we had our engagement session with her.  Steph sent us a slew of unbelieveably beautiful images from our photography session with her and we are having an extremely hard time picking which to use on our wedding invitations because there are so many good ones.  We look like we have been photoshopped into a Christmas card in some.  lol.  Thanks Steph, we love them so much!

I thought it might be fun if you could help us choose.  The images are numbered above the images. You can comment with your favorites by using the numbers if you want to help.  Thanks in advance!  This is so hard to choose and this way I can share our pics with everyone too.



3.2A1A3148-Edit copy.jpg







10. 2A1A3359.jpg




14. 2A1A3406.jpg

15. 2A1A3432.jpg


17. 2A1A3477.jpg



20. 2A1A3552.jpg








28.  2A1A3634.jpg


30. 2A1A3670.jpg



Thanks for viewing our pictures and for those who participated, helping us choose.  If you would like to book Steph for your wedding or photography session I wouldn’t wait, she only has a few opening left available for 2017.  You can follow and connect with Shines Photography with these links:

Shines Photography Website



With appreciation and excitement,




Mountains Up

It was a spur-of-the-moment trip that will top my lists of favorite travels possibly forever.  Kelby was nearing the end of his long six week break from the road and I have been working very little since the studio and the music venue that I work for are both a little slow over the holidays and the beginning of the new year. Slightly antsy and a little bored on a Saturday afternoon, I called my best friend, Steph living in Truckee, CA to see if she would be home and wanted some last minute guests for a few days.  Steph and her soon-to-be husband recently bought a house in Truckee and she had been anxiously awaiting us to get out there, and hopefully before her summer wedding and in between Kelby’s heavy work travel and her own traveling photography business.  To our delight the timing just worked out, everyone was off and we just happened to have plenty of Southwest points to get us there.  It would be a little bit of a risk jumping on a plane to head to a place that had been pummeled by snow for several days prior to our departure, but we decided to take our chances.

We had no real itinerary, just football and playing in the snow…and of course photography.  Kelby and I both have been teaching ourselves the craft of DSLR cameras and Stephanie is a professional and the owner of Shines Photography  willing to give us a few lessons while we were visiting too.  Stephanie will also be my wedding photographer so who better to snap a few snowy engagement pics while we were there.

More to come from this shoot with  Shinesphotography.net
We arrived in the evening after the sun had set over the mountains and for once Kelby and I were traveling to a place that I had been and he had not (a never before occurrence).  We had a dinner at a place called Cottonwood, and over a bottle of wine and deliciously filling grub, we caught up and talked about our plans for the next two days.  We finished with a night cap at a local dive bar ironically named The Tourist Club.  Then it was off to bed so we could wake up early with the sunrise in this world-reknowned mountain town and witness all its grandeur.

Our first morning was full of awe and appreciation.  I dolled up a little for our engagement pictures, we layered up for warmth and packed up our camera gear.  Stephanie drove us around to a few of her favorite spots to shoot near Donner Lake.

We also hiked back inside a park over a little river and in Steph’s neighborhood on a bridge to get some more sweet engagements pictures.  The clouds were hovering over the mountain tops and Steph was beside herself with anticipation for the moment when the clouds would clear and we could really see how “in the mountains” we were.  Kelby and I laughed as we trekked through 4+ feet of snow in our not-so-snow gear and when Steph instructed us to “cuddled and look in love”  we had no problem curling up to stay warm and show the camera how much fun we were already having.  After a coffee stop warm up and a few more pics the clouds were still hanging tight at the tops so we called it stops and got back home for football and chili time. The Packers were playing the Cowboys in the playoffs and this was to be a game both Steph and Kelby really wanted to watch.

Steph might be a Packers fan, I can never really tell with her?
The rest of Day 1 was filled with wine, homemade chili, a beer or twelve, football, and some rivalry between Kelby, the Dallas fan and Steph, the…ummm Packers fan?.  After the game we had a few buzzed relay races in the hilariously deep snow and played in it like kids.

We concluded the evening with some rounds of the game HEADS UP, that was some of the most hilarious shit I have ever heard.  Girls against boys, I couldn’t tell you who actually won, but one example of Kelby giving Jeff hints was “She sucks, she has lots of sisters, she’s married to Kanye West, she got robbed in Paris…”  Jeff’s answer…”I have no clue, PASS!”  Haaaaaa, I love that Jeff had no idea who Kim Kardashian is.  Classic.

The next day was our day of real adventure.  We basically had our own personal adventure guide with Steph.  We got up around 7am, discussed how strange it was that we weren’t hungover, ate a huge breakfast, packed up all of the snowshoeing and camera gear, and headed for Brockway Summit Trail , (8,990′) elevation.  As we made our way the sun started to peek out of the clouds.

There are no words for the scenery we witnessed that day.  If you haven’t been to the Tahoe area you need to get yourself there, and I suggest going when there is snow, it was absolutely amazing.  We pulled up and Steph said, “ok we are going up there” as she pointed across the street and up a huge mountain side.  Kelby and I had never snowshoed, we have hiked, but never up the side of a mountain like this, especially a mountain covered in so much snow.  We strapped into our snowshoes, and headed up.  Every 5 feet it felt like one of us stopped to take pictures.



When we reached the top, and on one side we were above the clouds and the otherside over looked Lake Tahoe.  Again, no words.


Rabbit tracks

I was reluctant on my ability to be graceful on the way back down.  We chose to not follow the path back down the mountain side and instead we would make our own “trail”, and tromped through several feet of untouched powder.  This ended up being my favorite part. So fun!


After our insanely beautiful hike we headed to the Lake Tahoe shoreline so Kelby could see how pristine and clear the lake water is.

Afterwards we found a great Mexican place for afternoon margaritas and lunch before heading to Rainbow Bridge that sits above Donner Lake.

We then made our way back towards the house.  We had one more adventure in mind before the sun would set.  In Steph’s neighborhood there is another small summit we wanted to get to to watch the sun go back down.  I don’t consider myself the most in shape girl in the world, however, I am pretty active, but by this point my legs were starting to slow down.  Nonetheless the excitement of watching the sunset in such an extordinary place and getting to strap on those snowshoes again kept me going.  Speechless, yet again.



Back down the last mountain of the day, threw the trees, and it felt like we were on another planet.



Needless to say our last full day in Truckee was one for the books and left me feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, yet again.  To have the opportunities to see places like this and experience them with my best friend and my own soon-to-be husband is, for lack of better words, like winning the life lottery.

We don’t have bottomless pockets, but for some reason we are exceptionally lucky with opportunities to travel and see the world all the while with good friends, and jobs that allow it to be.


Nothing beats a bestfriend who loves adventure

One last dinner at a pizza joint at NorthStar resort and then we were asleep by ten pm.  What an amazing trip.  The weather was intense right before we arrived and literally started again the day after we got home.

Weather Report From Tuesday
Mother Nature gave Kelby and I a pass to get out there, have an amazing time, take some unbelievable photographs, some photography lessons from Steph, spend time with our great friends, Steph and Jeff, experience snowshoe/hiking and really reset before the new year gets on its way.  What a great trip to start the year that both Steph and I will be married, and Kelby’s first major U.S. headlining tour, The Black Roses Tour, with The Cadillac Three.  

SIDE NOTE:  Steph and I will also be “on tour” later this year too.  HA!  Celebrating our big year with a girl’s trip in May (our own unconventional “bachelorette party”, just us two on the open road for a week or so traveling through the west visiting Yosemite, Bodi and whatever else we get into…so stay tuned).  Our last solo road trip was in 2013 down the PCH and was so awesome we made a music video: —>  White Girl Party  *beware of epic fashion sense and lengendary dance moves*

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jeff and Steph (and Brody girl) for hosting us and showing us the stunningly gorgeous place they call home.

There will be more engagement pictures from Shines Photography coming soon!  To contact or connect with Steph’s work and all of her travels and adventures click the links below:

Website:  Shinesphotography.net

Facebook:  facebook.com/ShinesPhotography

Instrgram:  @Shinesphotography

With so much gratitude and gratefulness,


“Those trees are massive”

It’s Cold and Mysterious in the U.K.

Buildings centuries upon centuries old, ancient historical sites, gray skies as imagined, labyrinthine streets, soul-soothing hot tea, odd cuisine, thickset accents, drizzling rain and meat in their pies.  I just got back from a week and a half trip with Kelby and the band in the U.K. and here is my not-so-brief recap…this shall serve as my journal as well, otherwise I may forget something I may never do again.

(For those of you looking for pictures/videos and a short description of my trip it went something like this;  climb out of my bunk, figure out what day it is and what city I was in, find breakfast, drink hot tea to warm my hands, walk the streets of the city, maybe shop a little or find something old to see, snap pictures, Kelby goes to sound check, I nap, dig through my suitcase, find the hotel or the green room shower, get dinner, get ready, pre-show cocktail or two on the bus while listening to music to amp up the guys before the show, be lead through 45 doors and 7 staircases, down 4 hallways to the stage, watch the guys rock the very attentive faces of 1000’s of U.K. fans in historic theaters and music venues, feel the energy of the shows, be very impressed by all I witnessed, after show drinks or pizza and wake up and do it all over again the next day.)  You may now proceed to skip the details and watch videos and scroll my pics if you so wish… *throat clear* Dad.  Ha!

In reference to the very attentive crowds, Kelby compared it to, “playing in a coffee house that holds 1000+ people”.  The crowds sang every word to every song at every show. Hanging on the last verse, then between songs, the fans stood quietly waiting for the next power-driven riff.  The fans were there for the music and the voltaic showmanship of the band.  I was proud of Kelby and all of his and the band’s hard work, excited to see the guys and crew play to crowds they so much deserve.  To be a part of this was, for lack of better words…pretty badass.


Here’s the lengthier version of my trip to the U.K. on the first leg of the Don’t Forget the Whiskey Tour for you word readers out there.

Why the title you ask? Well for starters we left 80 degree weather here in Nashville for cold and rainy days and nights in England and Scotland. The “mysterious” part…well that’s a reference to finding a bathroom across the pond. The British call restrooms plain old toilets and to find your way to any of them they are down a hall, through a door, through another door, maybe down some steps, or perhaps up some steps and probably through another door. We searched for heat, breakfast, a good shower, wifi, and toilets on most of the trip, but I’m not saying my trip was at all lackluster, I had a fabulous time and I feel endlessly grateful and lucky to get to take such trips with amazing people and my favorite person in the world. To experience parts of the world that I never thought I would see with my own two eyes, I feel very fortunate.

Day 1;  after checking approximately 25 bags at BNA we headed to Atlanta for our connecting flight to London, 7 hours later we arrived in the gray cold city of London.  It was 8:30 am, the bus picked us up at the airport, we loaded up and headed to a parking garage under the streets of London to sleep before heading to Manchester that night.  Kelby and I napped that afternoon and evening in London then woke up to walk around and find dinner.  London reminded me of an older version of New York City and San Francisco riddled with winding streets and rain puddles.  In London they are kind enough to paint which way to look, “Look Right” or “Look Left” at the crosswalks for those of us who would otherwise look the wrong way and become roadkill. I held tight to Kelby’s hand on this trip, as I do most of our trips…he reads the maps, leads the way and is basically my personal tour guide who deals quite well with my traveling anxiety.

Day 2, Manchester, England.  We woke up to the sun shining which was a pleasant surprise.  Every morning of the trip the first thing I did after climbing out of my top bunk was pop into the back lounge of the bus and pull the shades to see where I was.  On tour they drive through night so each morning you wake up in a different place.

As Kelby and I exited the bus the first day in Manchester, there was already a fan outside waiting for autographs.  That’s dedication, it was only 11am, the show wasn’t until 9pm.img_2784

I generally don’t sleep as much as I did over there, but we were all out of whack, so lunch came in the form of breakfast most days.  We found our way to a Starbucks for wifi in order to find an all day breakfast place.  With the suggestion of some locals we found a delicious little spot called the Teacup Kitchen. img_3167fullsizerender-22

After Breakfast we did a little shopping in a cool old 3 story building with vintage flea market booths and shops full of art, antiques and vintage clothing.  It was cold…did I mention that already?  It wasn’t any colder really than it gets here in the winter, but I wasn’t ready for it, I stayed layered up and wrapped in my giant scarf and beanie on head for most of the trip.  img_2790 After taking in a little of Manchester, we headed back to check out the venue, scope the green room’s shower and prepare for the first night of the tour.

Rumor had it that the green room shower was sufficient with hot water so I tried it out that night, I failed at working the contraption they called a shower and took an extremely short shower trying to wash the most important parts in intervals of scalding hot and freezing cold water bursts.  The glamorous life of touring musicians is a false perception in some aspects.  However they do treat you nice and keep you stocked with booze.

The crowd was fantastic and it looked like everyone had fun including the band.  There was a cute little canal behind the venue near the backstage door where I fed some geese some bread before the show.  Nerd alert.

I guess my excitement got the best of me that night, after the show and keeping true to my “Night 1 Lindsey” band dubbed nickname they have so accurately given me, I drank my fair share and dragged Kelby around to some bars and clubs for dancing where I proceeded to have cocktails with very little ice in them, dance with strangers, while Kelby tolerated taking pictures with fans and danced with me until I finally surrendered to some late night food and my pajamas.  After getting that out of my system I would behave the rest of the trip.

Day 3, London, England.  I nursed a slight hangover with some hot tea and a proper English breakfast minus the baked beans (that’s weird). img_3166 img_2875

We took the subway, or tube if you will, to the Natural History Museum where we got to take in a few dinosaurs before being called back for soundcheck.  Taking the subway and a British taxi was different than in the States, the cabs are much bigger and the subways and trains much cleaner than in the likes of New York city.

After sound check we found some delicious Indian food and more hot tea.  We asked for our tea hot and the guy was confounded by what we meant by “hot” tea.  Silly Americans all tea is served hot.

The show was in a historic theater where it seemed everyone in the history of music had played.  Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, David Bowie, Prince to name a few.  Sold out again with almost 2000 people in attendance.

TC3 & TShe3:  Chels & Neil, Myself & Kelby, Evyn & Jaren

After the boys spent time with U.K. label people after the show, and I still nursing my hangover a tad, Kelby found me some fast food chicken and that was all she wrote.  On to the next city.


Day 4 Cambridge, England.  A cold, rainy, college town or University as they would say.  Not much to do, we found breakfast (shocker) and some little antique shops that afternoon.  I found a couple of creepy things for my collection including an old poison bottle and a book called “Bedlam” about the oldest insane asylum in England.  After a nap ensued it was back to daily ritual of the pre-show routine and to another packed house and sold out show.

Day 5/6, Glasgow, Scotland.  We had a day off in Glasgow.  For starters, the accent is so heavy in Scotland that they might as well be speaking a foreign language.  The only night we stayed overnight in a hotel was in Scotland.  It drizzled rained and spit snow while we were there. More Indian food and a lovely little pre dinner dessert per my request, of sticky toffee pudding that was delicious,

just before a sleepless night in a tiny room with a rather hard bed, it was also the night of the election so it was a restless night for most of us.  It was odd to be in another country with such a controversial election happening at home.  Kelby woke me up with a, “Holy Shit Trump won” where I replied with a “are you kidding me?”.  We discussed our feelings and decided to drop it, and we skipped social media for the day.  Later that day we visited an old Cathedral built before the late 12th century, and Necropolis Cemetery, a large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. Ancient Greek νεκρόπολις nekropolis, literally meaning “city of the dead”, right up my alley.



I didn’t get any good pics of the show that night…but found some on Instagram:  via @thecadillac3 account.img_3151img_3152

Day 7, Birmingham, England.  The city where a little band called Black Sabbath was formed.  Breakfast, Tea, an outdoor market and we walked thru a fish market that smelled lovely.

Wires, cords, wires
The crew work their butts off.  Benito, Stoney B above.  Grainger FOH and Jefferson the tour manager not pictured.

 Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown join the boys for a little Honey Bee cover during the encore. They killed it every night.  If you haven’t checked them out click the link above.  Great band.

Day 8, Bristol, England.  I think this was a favorite city to visit.  I’ll let my pics and videos show you why…

Though it was chilly the sun was out and this little tea shop had the best back patio area

tired eyes
someone also had an opinion about our election in the restroom…I mean toilet.
The city was full of art and very cool shops, I did a little Christmas shopping too.


Kelby and I had a drink at the oldest pub in Bristol, established in 1606.


we ran into a fan with some cool shoes that Kelby signed for her…IMG_3111.JPG

and had a nice Italian dinner before the show at Sergio’s img_3110


a peek at one backstage area…

getting ready in a green room

The red light hallimg_3092-2



I can’t explain how crazy it is to get to go on these trips as I try to wrap my brain around where I am and how I even got there.  It’s because of Kelby’s job and how hard he and the rest of the band have worked over the years that I get to do these things and I am most thankful to be a part of it all when I can.  Its all a give and take, I miss him tons when he is gone, and though it may all seem very rock and roll, the travel is exhausting.  I know these guys are accustomed to this lifestyle after touring for over a decade and finally all that hard work is paying off for them.  The band and crew work their butts off to do what they do.  You have to love what you do very much to live this way.  There is a glamorous side for sure, but also a not so shiny side, the constant travel, long hours, lack of sleep, shaking hands, taking pictures, occasional cold green room shower, and being away from your family that these guys endure 45+ weeks a year would be too much for most.  I know these guys love creating music and without a doubt are one of the best bands you will see live, bias aside.  The Cadillac Three have some of the most die hard fans I have ever seen in my years of working in music venues here in Nashville.  I’m most impressed with the level of loyalty and respect that the band shares with their steadfast fans, all while gaining new devotees at every show.  I think the coolest thing about their fan base is that they are music fanatics of all ages, men and women.  This isn’t a Justin Bieber concert with little girls screaming…they share their fans with the likes of iconic bands from decades ago whose music is still on the radio today.  I wish them the best of luck in all they do and here’s to more unique trips that I hope get to be a part of.

Thanks to Evyn, Jaren, Chelsea, Neil, Grainger, Ben, Brandon, Jefferson, and the bus drivers for such a fun trip.  And Kelby for wanting me to be beside you for the ride.



Odd things from the U.K.:

  1.  They say “cheers, bye”, instead of good bye
  2. At pubs you order at the bar and give your table number
  3. Ice, well if any don’t expect more than a cube or two
  4. Clerks/cashiers say, “Can I help” instead of “next in line” or “can I help YOU”
  5. The outlets turn on and off with a switch
  6. Hotels have hot water pots for tea, not coffee makers
  7. Lots of Indian food restaurants.
  8. Fish N Chips are served with peas.
  9. Sugar cubes make so much sense and less mess
  10. Most toilets have two buttons for #1 and #2
  11. A traditional English breakfast is served with baked beans, mushrooms and cooked tomatoes
  12. Paper towels are shorter in width
  13. Hotels are much smaller
  14. Instead of “watch you step”, they say “mind your step” or “mind the door”
  15. Some of the grocery stores have clothing stores in them
  16. And the have T.K. Maxx instead of T.J. Maxx


Waking Up in Tears

I woke up at 2 am this morning, actually I was still dreaming when my chin started to physically quiver before I could even get my eyes open.  If you have ever lost someone very close to you then I would say you will be able to relate to this blog, but I don’t know maybe its different for everyone.

I lost my mother in 2005.  What I’ve learned from that experience is that it is true, it does get easier, it does hurt less, actually every year less and less it hurts, and the truth is you do start to forget a little.  Maybe the memories start to fade from smashing them down so deep to avoid always feeling sad and crying about it again and again.  I don’t know, with time it just hurts less, but sometimes you are reminded of the pain.  Dreams can do this.  I have found that my sub conscience will, what feels like, basically force me to revisit the pain. I have also lost a best friend, so I’ve actually become accustomed to my brain pushing out the feelings that I guess I have stored way in the back somewhere.  And again, for those of you who have lost someone close, maybe you can relate to that feeling in your chest, it hurts terribly, it feels like something is physically squeezing on what feels like your actual heart, with two hands and so much strength that its hard to breathe.  I had forgotten what that felt like.  Its honestly like my brain just decides that its time again to remember that feeling and waits until I’m asleep so I have no control.  I was quite all day yesterday, I couldn’t put my finger on why or what was causing my silence all day, I thought I was just having a blah day, I wasn’t upset, but I wasn’t excited about anything either.  After waking up to the dream I had about my mother this morning I think I know now it was just time to remember again. It always passes rather quickly now, I use to cry for an hour or so when it would happen; my dreams will bring that person back to life and it feels so real like not a day has gone by since they passed, like tearing open an old wound.  This time my mother wasn’t just there in my dream though.  In my dream she came back, but not from the dead, she had never died.  In my dream she had faked her death to escape from being a mother.  In my dream she wasn’t very apologetic, she simply told us that she couldn’t do it.  The dream was very strange and it hurt, it hurt enough to wake me up and to physically cry. It has been so long since that raw emotion had surfaced in me.  I don’t believe the dream of course, my mother was great and loved us very much, but the dream was enough to force me to remember how much I miss her.  Sure I have cried, I’ve been sad over things over the past few years, but there is nothing comparable to the feeling of losing a person you are close to to death.  I think I forgot how it felt to cry that particular cry.  My life has been one amazing thing after another the past 4 years, I’ve had ups and downs with work, and friendships, but no life or death situations like I had experienced when losing my mother or best friend.  It’s a feeling that only someone who has gone through it can relate to, and I know many who have lost.  It’s a feeling that for good reason we push aside, its a physical hurt caused by raw emotion.  I’ve always said that I can not imagine the hurt that must come from losing a child or the love of your life, just from knowing the pain that comes from the losses I have experienced.  Though the hurt now comes and goes and much less often, it’s never completely gone.  This morning when I woke up crying, with that tight grip in my chest, and the tears that poured and snot that guzzled out of my nose, those were just reminders that it was time remember again, but just for a moment.  Its been over a decade now that my mother has been gone, I will be married next year and it still seems crazy that she won’t be there.  But I can rest assure that she didn’t leave me on purpose, or because she couldn’t handle it, it was just life.    Life is one breath taking moment after another, some are the deep inhales of a good take-it-all-in kind of breath and some are the suffocatingly bad holy-shit-this-can’t-be-happening kind of gasps for air.  We should try not to forget any of these defining moments, they mean something, they will play as reminders later on if we let them.  Maybe the reason for the dream was to remember to stop sweating the small stuff, to appreciate the amazing people and things I am surrounded by and that I get to enjoy in my life.  Whatever the reason, even though the pain came back like it had all happened yesterday, it subsided quickly and I am thankful I’m not in the thick of a loss right now.  We will all take things for granted, its hard not to, but we should try…tell someone you love them today and take a deep breath no matter what you are going through today.


With Love and Tired Eyes,



*This is my mother and I when I was 5 years old.

Halloween Photoshoots of the Past

Welcome *insert creepy voice here* to my past Halloween photoshoot blog.

Let me start by sharing a little tidbit of information with you.  I’m obsessed with Halloween.  Halloween is a season unto itself in my world.  I love picking out the biggest pumpkin I can find, I love the disturbing decor, costume parties, the nightmarish make up…everything.    It’s not just one night or one weekend, it starts for me as soon as that first leaf drops from a tree and the coffee shops start to advertise for their pumpkin spice lattes.

Luckily for me, I have had many good friends share in the festivities of the season over the years.  We have thrown massive Halloween parties at home and at the pub I use to work at in the past decade.  I’m sharing with you many memories from Halloween’s past.  I love to revisit the decor and all of the costumes from each year.  For those of you that have attended a party or two, look close, you may just find yourself in the end of this blog in the montage of parties past.

Most importantly I’m sharing with you our past photoshoots that have become an annual event around this time of the year.  A dear friend, Nat and I started the photoshoot tradition in 2010 on a whim with the help of Matt Muller’s Photography, amattmuller.com  His work is stunning and very creative.  Click the link above to see his work for yourself…he work is superb.   screenshot-2016-09-11-10-10-29   ©Matt Muller, amattmuller.com*

My best friend in the world, Steph has kept the creepy photoshoot tradition alive with me for several years since then.  Stephanie loves Halloween as much as I do.  We love weird things, scary movies and photography, so this was a natural progression that we may never out grow.  September 25th, 2016 is our next shoot and we are getting geared up for it, we’ve ordered our creepy contacts, I’ve been planning away, playing with liquid latex to make for some ghoulish skin effects, working on wardrobe and planning set designs.  Steph and I both conveniently work in the photography industry as well.  Although Steph lives on the west coast and maintains a very busy  schedule as a traveling wedding photographer we’ve managed to never miss this event. Steph can be anywhere in the world at any moment, so leading up to this each year we have been lucky enough to still find the time.  To see Stephanie’s gorgeous portfolio visit:  ShinesPhotography.net  (prepare to have your mind blown).

screenshot-2016-09-11-10-18-18  ©Stephanie Hines, Shinesphotography.net

I work in a women’s boudoir photography studio, The Adore Girls.  My accomplished sister, Jamie Pfister and the brilliant, Courtney Bell are the gifted photographers behind the lens at our Nashville, TN based photography studio.

screenshot-2016-09-11-10-28-05 ©The Adore Girls, theadoregirls.com

For years now my sister has lent her eye for photography and shot some of our Halloween photoshoots and parties.  This year we are lucky enough to have Courtney’s creative eye to shoot with us on our 2016 shoot.  I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such talent to make all of my macabre visions come to life.

The first shoot:  Nat and I did our own make up and threw together some costumes.  I used cardboard, some old curtains, and a hot glue gun to make mine.  I guess I was some sort of dark witch and Nat was in Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) make up and costume.

Photo credit: Matt Muller72546_1697219515392_6108192_n65947_1685690827182_6067987_n33471_1697222835475_3621553_n ©Matt Muller

Following in the footsteps of this, Steph and I had our first shoot two years later when we decided it would then become tradition:

We always start with make up.  This was the first time I had ever attempted liquid latex and the gore effect.  Using ripped up toilet paper, latex and eye shadows in blacks, oranges and browns we got a more dead…or at least on our way to the grave, look.



We had a few recruits show up too:  Steph, myself, Erica and Bre


We had lots of laughs during these “dark” times, sealing the deal that this would continue for years to come.

I guess we will take this BFF thing to the grave…


Over the next few years we shot more.  We got creative and planned more, we created better themes and costumes, and styled better make up.  We even had some friends join the fun on a few, and some are just Steph and I in our element.  We shot at my place and on the roof at The Adore Girls studio.

There is always a hint of Tim Burton in some of what we do:

I took one shot from this shoot and one from last year’s shoot and I had some paintings made for both Steph and myself by Bad Apple Artist.  I love these original works.

Bad Apple Artist is based in Nashville and also does Murals. He also painted this clown doorway we built for our last Halloween party at the pub too.  He is For Hire!1a1a11111


and of course zombies have been all the rage the past few years:


Last year was shot back at my place, just Steph and I.  Using a few different themes:  Tim Burton/evil circus/the tall people in “The Beautiful People”,  Marilyn Mason video-esque:




And Kelby still loves me and all of my strange ways.  I love this pic, thanks Steph!


Huge thanks to all of my friends and co-workers who have participated in celebrating my favorite Holiday over the past decade.  I’m 35 and I will clearly never out grow my love for a lurid Halloween.

And of course:


I love you and I’m so glad we are best friends, even with distance between us.   You know me well and we relate on so many levels, not just on Halloween.  You always share my enthusiasm for the hair-raising and slightly abnormal.  May we always be different, creative, and creepy together.

“Creatives long to see through the eyes of a child and never lose a sense of wonder. For them, life is about mystery, adventure, and growing young. Everything else is simply existing, and not true living.” – Jesus Gil Hernandez


I’m pumped for this year’s shoot!  Stay tuned…

With love and Halloween on my mind,



P.S.  Not sick of Halloween pictures yet?  Here’s a montage of past parties, party-goers, decor and more:

This one cracks me up. Circa 2011. Before Steph moved to the west coast and Nat moved to Chicago. Before the pre future husband was even my boyfriend…Kelby and I have been friends for years…We didn’t know it then…but eventually we’d end up together and be married.