Halloween Photoshoots of the Past

Welcome *insert creepy voice here* to my past Halloween photoshoot blog.

Let me start by sharing a little tidbit of information with you.  I’m obsessed with Halloween.  Halloween is a season unto itself in my world.  I love picking out the biggest pumpkin I can find, I love the disturbing decor, costume parties, the nightmarish make up…everything.    It’s not just one night or one weekend, it starts for me as soon as that first leaf drops from a tree and the coffee shops start to advertise for their pumpkin spice lattes.

Luckily for me, I have had many good friends share in the festivities of the season over the years.  We have thrown massive Halloween parties at home and at the pub I use to work at in the past decade.  I’m sharing with you many memories from Halloween’s past.  I love to revisit the decor and all of the costumes from each year.  For those of you that have attended a party or two, look close, you may just find yourself in the end of this blog in the montage of parties past.

Most importantly I’m sharing with you our past photoshoots that have become an annual event around this time of the year.  A dear friend, Nat and I started the photoshoot tradition in 2010 on a whim with the help of Matt Muller’s Photography, amattmuller.com  His work is stunning and very creative.  Click the link above to see his work for yourself…he work is superb.   screenshot-2016-09-11-10-10-29   ©Matt Muller, amattmuller.com*

My best friend in the world, Steph has kept the creepy photoshoot tradition alive with me for several years since then.  Stephanie loves Halloween as much as I do.  We love weird things, scary movies and photography, so this was a natural progression that we may never out grow.  September 25th, 2016 is our next shoot and we are getting geared up for it, we’ve ordered our creepy contacts, I’ve been planning away, playing with liquid latex to make for some ghoulish skin effects, working on wardrobe and planning set designs.  Steph and I both conveniently work in the photography industry as well.  Although Steph lives on the west coast and maintains a very busy  schedule as a traveling wedding photographer we’ve managed to never miss this event. Steph can be anywhere in the world at any moment, so leading up to this each year we have been lucky enough to still find the time.  To see Stephanie’s gorgeous portfolio visit:  ShinesPhotography.net  (prepare to have your mind blown).

screenshot-2016-09-11-10-18-18  ©Stephanie Hines, Shinesphotography.net

I work in a women’s boudoir photography studio, The Adore Girls.  My accomplished sister, Jamie Pfister and the brilliant, Courtney Bell are the gifted photographers behind the lens at our Nashville, TN based photography studio.

screenshot-2016-09-11-10-28-05 ©The Adore Girls, theadoregirls.com

For years now my sister has lent her eye for photography and shot some of our Halloween photoshoots and parties.  This year we are lucky enough to have Courtney’s creative eye to shoot with us on our 2016 shoot.  I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such talent to make all of my macabre visions come to life.

The first shoot:  Nat and I did our own make up and threw together some costumes.  I used cardboard, some old curtains, and a hot glue gun to make mine.  I guess I was some sort of dark witch and Nat was in Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) make up and costume.

Photo credit: Matt Muller72546_1697219515392_6108192_n65947_1685690827182_6067987_n33471_1697222835475_3621553_n ©Matt Muller

Following in the footsteps of this, Steph and I had our first shoot two years later when we decided it would then become tradition:

We always start with make up.  This was the first time I had ever attempted liquid latex and the gore effect.  Using ripped up toilet paper, latex and eye shadows in blacks, oranges and browns we got a more dead…or at least on our way to the grave, look.



We had a few recruits show up too:  Steph, myself, Erica and Bre


We had lots of laughs during these “dark” times, sealing the deal that this would continue for years to come.

I guess we will take this BFF thing to the grave…


Over the next few years we shot more.  We got creative and planned more, we created better themes and costumes, and styled better make up.  We even had some friends join the fun on a few, and some are just Steph and I in our element.  We shot at my place and on the roof at The Adore Girls studio.

There is always a hint of Tim Burton in some of what we do:

I took one shot from this shoot and one from last year’s shoot and I had some paintings made for both Steph and myself by Bad Apple Artist.  I love these original works.

Bad Apple Artist is based in Nashville and also does Murals. He also painted this clown doorway we built for our last Halloween party at the pub too.  He is For Hire!1a1a11111


and of course zombies have been all the rage the past few years:


Last year was shot back at my place, just Steph and I.  Using a few different themes:  Tim Burton/evil circus/the tall people in “The Beautiful People”,  Marilyn Mason video-esque:




And Kelby still loves me and all of my strange ways.  I love this pic, thanks Steph!


Huge thanks to all of my friends and co-workers who have participated in celebrating my favorite Holiday over the past decade.  I’m 35 and I will clearly never out grow my love for a lurid Halloween.

And of course:


I love you and I’m so glad we are best friends, even with distance between us.   You know me well and we relate on so many levels, not just on Halloween.  You always share my enthusiasm for the hair-raising and slightly abnormal.  May we always be different, creative, and creepy together.

“Creatives long to see through the eyes of a child and never lose a sense of wonder. For them, life is about mystery, adventure, and growing young. Everything else is simply existing, and not true living.” – Jesus Gil Hernandez


I’m pumped for this year’s shoot!  Stay tuned…

With love and Halloween on my mind,



P.S.  Not sick of Halloween pictures yet?  Here’s a montage of past parties, party-goers, decor and more:

This one cracks me up. Circa 2011. Before Steph moved to the west coast and Nat moved to Chicago. Before the pre future husband was even my boyfriend…Kelby and I have been friends for years…We didn’t know it then…but eventually we’d end up together and be married.






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