From Tacky to Hipster Cute

I recently popped in Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month, the best day to go for cheap finds because everything is half off.  I found some gold glitter spray painted, and very tacky looking little frames.  At first glance, “what could I do with these ugly little things?” crossed my mind.  I decided to purchase them anyways knowing that it would be a rather cheap project when I eventually come up with something to do with them.  I bought a stack of square and rectangular frames.  Here’s what I ended up making…

This is what they looked like when I purchased them.

Then I sanded the glitter and gold paint off.

I created some art in photoshop to have printed.

I used png files in photoshop and some apps on my phone to create the “art”.  I simply had them printed at Walgreens from the Walgreens app after posting them to my Insta account:  @thegogocreative (just started this for my projects.  Dedicated to art,  DIY projects, repurposing, photography and finding beauty in less suspected places).

Then I got out my two old cans of wood stain and started to experiment.

I’m still waiting for more prints to be delivered for my 4×6 frames, but I’m totally in love with the hipster-esq square frames and art that is in them.  I’m selling these individually for $12 each.  Two are pending sale already after just posting them.  If you are interested you can find me on Instagram @thegogocreative or comment on this post.

If I don’t sell them…well I guess they will just go into my collection of way-too-much-stuff-on-my-walls!  Ha!


With love and creativity,






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