“In the Eye of the Beholder”

I have found myself with more free time lately than I’ve had in years and it’s awesome.  I’m not managing a business these days and so I’ve decided to focus on all the things I love, the things that I’ve wanted to have “the time” to do, but never let myself because there has always been work to do.  I have always loved decor and repurposing things.  I find beauty in the strangest things.  Perhaps its not everyone’s taste, but as long as its appealing to my eye I consider it art and then through decor I can keep myself surrounded with it and my creative energies stay high.  I’m a gemini too, so I need change often.  I also like to do it for as cheap as I possible can, I get my kicks from that as well.  Here are some my latest projects.

In my building we have what is referred to as the “Free and Magical Pile”.  My neighbors and myself over the years have traded and discarded things we no longer have use for.  I have taken much advantage of this and my place is full of “magical” things.  The shelf above once looked like this:  IMG_0237 A crappy cheap shelf made from press board.  This piece had been sitting in the hall for months.  I kept eyeing it, but knowing what it was made from I could never bring myself to grab it, “how would I make that look less cheap?”.  Finally in some of my free time I grabbed it, “its free and if I fail who cares.”  I took it apart, and tore the poster board crap off the back.  Then I painted it white with just one coat just slopped on:IMG_0238

*Don’t mind the catnip filled sock on the floor*.  I tend to stand back and stare at things often to try to envision what I’m going to do next.  I thought about the wood stains that I have in my every growing I-may-need-this-for-a-project-someday stash.  I started to apply the stains with old stiff paint brushes and it turned out like this.

IMG_0240   IMG_0298

I was so excited when I started to get a faux wood grain look.  Note:  it took days to dry.  Between the humidity and the amount of stain I had applied I wasn’t sure if it would ever dry.  Finally it dried.  I covered it in a clear coat polyurethane added the shelves back in and it was ready to hold more of my “creepy things” collection.  The finished product, for now sits in our place and looks like this.  The shelf itself has a few imperfections, but I’m happy with it the way it looks and it was free.  🙂 *and yes that entire wall behind the shelf is covered in old pages from a second hand quote book and pictures from art old books* The beauty of living in an old warehouse loft is that anythings goes.  HA!


The above shelf filed the fire.  I must be somewhat like an old crazy lady because there are so many things that I can’t throw away because I can see a possible project when I look at it or I see junk and think,  how or what can I do to this to make it visually appealing”.  Here are a few more projects I’ve had my hands on lately:

This little table cost me $6 from Southern Thrift.  2 shades of green paint, some white paint and more would stain.  Drying, sanding, more drying, more paint, some rags, a spray water bottle, and more sanding and it may just be complete.


All of those old wine bottles I’ve had in my garden for years finally came in handy when I propagated a house plant.  These will root in the water and I will then have way too many “babies”.  To be continued, but for now all the different colored glass looks awesome in my window sill.

Next a little wooden box.  I used two stains on it and filled it with stuff around the house:

I find myself questioning the things I do, wondering if I’m crazy or if the things I create are “cool” in other people’s eyes.  My conclusion is that if I like it and I think its cool then what difference does it make if others like it.  I would love to sell and share some of my projects, but first, I must get over the fear that its not good enough.  I know that all of my artist friends struggle the same whether it be music, photography, fashion design or any other art-creating medium,  “Art is in the eye of the beholder” and we must lose the fear of needing to please others.  If someone questions your work, hell with them, it’s just not their taste, but that doesn’t mean it is less than art.  I’m hoping to continue to have time to do things like this.  I could keep myself locked up at home for days with several projects happening at once, but for now it’s off to The Adore Girls for a promo shoot!

Sending creative energy and love for what fuels you,




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