Was I In Danger?

Last night I had a bit of a scare while walking my dog.  It’s been so hot lately that I waited until 8:30pm to walk with Molly.  We walked about two miles and headed back home.  Sunday nights are pretty quite, even downtown, we live in the bible belt so most businesses are closed.  As we were making our way through a crosswalk to cross back over the street close to home we stopped as a car was speeding around the roundabout and probably not stopping for us to cross.  The car then comes to an abrupt stop to let us cross.  We cross, I make eye contact with the person driving and wave to thank him for letting us pass.  The car then goes on by, but much slower.  I keep my eye on the car thinking it was strange how slow he was driving, but I continued to walk.  He then pulls a U turn and heads back our way, strange still, I slow my walk to see what this guy is doing.  He then pulls another U turn, headed away from me again, but then stops on the side of the road in front of my building just sitting in his car.  At this point I’m thinking, “if this guy was going to try to abduct me what do I do?”.  There is no one around, no businesses open.  I think, “do put 911 in my phone and call if he approaches me?”.  Still walking, but very slow now, I keep going.  He then pulls another U turn back towards us again and pulls into the first parking spot on the street that I would cross if I kept walking.  Now I’m trembling.  It felt like he was waiting on me, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I was scared for sure playing the “what if” game in my head.  My dog is old and small, she would probably try to protect me, but not sure she could do much.  I got a good look at the man when I crossed the crosswalk before.  He was not a small man, probably 30-40 years old, light skinned african american in an old white Rav4 with his window down and arm hanging out.  My mind starts again, “Kelby is in England, my sister is in Mexico,” so I call my Dad and step mother, but no answer, I call my friend who I had been texting with that was sitting in an airport, she answers, I tell her “hey just talk to me for a sec, this guy is freaking me out”.  I’ve now changed my direction like I’m lost and have just kinda walked in circles, I felt trapped, outside, downtown on the street.    I consider crossing the street, but it seems just as dark and desolate over there.  I consider my options, and think back to when the guy let me pass, he had no Uber or Lyft light in his windshield so I knew he wasn’t just a lost driver.  He could have been a lost food delivery person, but his actions were just very abnormal.  He was still sitting in his car at this point, then he back ups and instead of pulling back on the street the right way, he pulls another small U turn with his headlights on me and starts to head in my direction very slowly on the wrong side of the street closest to me, almost on the sidewalk.  My dad is calling back now, I hang up with Steph and tell Dad, “hey sorry to wake you, I’m just a little scared and I don’t know what this guy is doing.”.  The car then throws it in reverse again, and backs up the street running parallel that I need to cross to get home.  He is far enough away now that I can cross and dip into my little alley without him seeing where I’m going.  When I crossed he was sitting back a ways, head lights headed towards the street.  I make my way and hustle up the alley into my locked building while on the phone with Dad.  Home, safe and sound.  I was shaking, heart racing and very scared.  The guy could have been completely harmless, but it definitely scared the shit out of me.  Lesson here:  don’t walk your dog after dark on Sundays when no one is around.  You just never know.  What would you do?

With Love and No More Walks on Sunday Nights,



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