When Food and Water Isn’t Enough

Just another day in the neighbor-“hood”.  I like to walk my dog early in the morning usually, before the city really starts to stir.  I live around more businesses than residences.  What I find can be hilarious, sad, confusing and it can make me really think.  Sure, my dog and I have days that not much happens when we are out, but there have been quite a few occasions that I really wish I would have documented.  So it begins, I will finally start to document these stories.

Just last week we found a parakeet in the yard of a guitar shop.20

Now this made me think.  Of course, immediately go into “save the bird mode”.  I tie my dog to a street sign, take my shirt off, I’m now in a sports bra and yoga pants, and thank goodness its 6 am so not too many people are around to watch this sad attempt to catch a bird.  I edge in closer, hoping to toss my shirt over the bird gently to not injure this free creature, and “save the bird” and as I’m doing so I’m thinking to myself, first off “what the hell am I going to do if I catch him?”  I have no food to feed him, no cage to put him in and I have to be at work in hour, long before any pet stores are going to be open.  I step closer, the birds flies up two feet in the air and lands again a little further away, a swing and a miss.  My thoughts continue, “wait a minute, what am I doing, this bird is free?  I’m the predator right now.  This may be the freest this little bird has ever been.  He may be having the best bird time of his life”.  I step in a little closer again, another swing and a miss and this time the bird flies up to a power line well above my head.  I stand for a second, contemplating, staring up at this little blue and white bird as the sun continues to come up behind us.  I unhook my dog who has been waiting patiently for me to regain my common sense and finish our walk, after all there are pigeons to chase on the bridge just up the way, a morning ritual for her, and though one has never been caught to date, for my dog, it will never get old.  So we go on our way.  It’s still pretty quite in the city and with little distraction I continue to think while we stroll up the hill towards the bridge.  Back and forth my mind goes, “I should have saved the bird.  No, he is being  bird.  What will happen to the bird?  It’s so sad, someone has lost their pet, but I bet that bird is happy.”  Wild birds, starlings, pigeons, finches, cardinals, robins, are all birds I see daily in my garden and flying around the city… I think, “they are ok, there is food and water for them…right?”.   I started to conclude.  He escaped his cage, he saw an opportunity to flee, and with his little bird instinct, he flew away.  He left whomever had been providing his food and water and that still wasn’t enough to make him stay.  Perhaps that bird will never be caught again and though Winter is Coming  *insert my best Game of Thrones character voice*, maybe that little bird will have a short lived, but semi normal freedom that makes him feel like a bird.  Instinct.  Maybe it was all worth it.

So what did this teach me?  After all my thinking and contemplating, I came to this final conclusion;  My lesson was this; life can be short, I’d rather die happy at the end of a short happy life, than live a long miserable life that I lived for someone else or simply for the ease of it.  Opportunities will arise, and I should always remember its ok to take off into the unknown, maybe this is what real freedom is, taking chances. We should go with our gut more often.  Our whole lives are a journey, there is no real destination.  There will be times in our lives that the proverbial food and water just isn’t enough.  It may just be time to fly.  I think that can apply to so many scenarios in life whether it be at work, at home or within our relationships.  I just recently changed jobs, and this reminded me that I did the right thing, my instinct told me to.  Is the door open on your cage and someone just opened a window?


With love and new knowledge,



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